URL Expander

URL expander is the free online best way to expand shortened URLs.

What is URL Expander?

URL Expander is used to expand the domain name. It allows you to retrieve the original long URL from a shortened link. It will help you to find out the where is the destination of short URL will take you before clicking on the link. After clicking, you will get to know whether the site is suspected of phishing, malware, and viruses. It will also give extra information like title, description, the keyword of the websites. Url Expander is the great tool for your company to avoid clicking on any short URL and ends up with some spam page.

How Does URL Expander Tool Works?

This tool work on algorithm after you submit your short coded link, it will check the API and then shorten the URL according to API. Url expander take the shortened url and convert into long url. You can shorten the url of any website with the help of tool http://urly.co, as this is coded url so you are not sure whether it is safe or not, so you can check it with URL expander tool. Just place the shorten url into the space are and it will show you actual URL.

Benefits of URL Expander Tool

Major Advantage of this tool is to get the original Long URL and suspect the malware on the website. This tool is mainly use to clean the spam or malware created when shorten the URLs and redirect you to the original destination.