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Bulk IP Checker

The Bulk IP Checker tool is used to find the location of multiple IP addresses with a graphical interface at a single go. When you want to find the location of multiple sites, you can use Bulk IP Checker Tool. It is so simple that the interface can be used by anyone who can paste and click on the sites.

An IP address is also called an internet protocol address. It is a unique address that helps to identify any device or local network. An IP address is a collection of numbers separated by dot(.). It is a collection of four numbers like:

Usually, we follow two types of IP standers IPV4, IPV6. If you are connected to the internet you have your own IP address which is assigned by ISP.

Why we Need Bulk IP Checker Tool

As we discuss how we save our time to find any location. So let’s continue why we need the Bulk IP Checker Tool. Everyone wants to save their time as well as their efforts. This tool plays an important role for e-commerce sites and helps to find geographical Addresses, IP addresses as well as Host name.

With the help of the Bulk IP Checker Tool, we can prevent theft, Phishing, and domain suspicious sites. It is also useful from a security point of view.

Step to use Bulk IP Checker Tool

It is a very simple tool to use. There is no need for more instruction to use this tool. Follow some easy steps and get your result within a second.

  • Open Bulk IP Checker Tool.
  • Enter multiple domains at a time.
  • Each domain must be entered into a separate line.
  • Press the submit button.
  • Your output will show in the table.
  • You can download your result and try the new URL.

Basically this tool focus on

  • Nation
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Geographical location


  • It is a free tool, there is no need to register or membership login.
  • It is a captcha-free tool.
  • It is versatile and easy to use.
  • We can enter a number of domains at a time.
  • It helps to save our time and our efforts.
  • We can download our result in the form of CSV, EXCEL, HTML

We can summarize that if you know the address of any website/domain you can communicate in an effective way. And you can monitor your own site and your competitors' sites. You can also secure your website from fraud and spam.