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Page Authority also called PA is essential for any website to rank high in SERPs.If your site consists of a good score of DA and PA, then it has the maximum chances of getting high in SERPs. Page Authority, which means how powerful is a particular Webpage, to get a higher rank in search results for any search query. Page Authority is a ranking factor which helps you to estimate how well your page can do in search engine rankings if it is optimized for keywords.

For every website owner or SEO expert or strategists, Bulk Page Authority Checker tool is indeed an important ingredient. There are numerous SEO and internet promoting stages across the web that have a PA checking device but a bulk PA checker is incredible as it gives you a PA score of multiple sites and web pages in a single go. The higher the page authority score, the higher is the opportunity to rank on web indexes.

How To Use the Bulk Page Authority Checker Tool?

Web optimization specialists prior to making a connection on the site, check the current page authority of the page with the assistance of page authority checker. Yet, an overall page authority checker will give the PA score of a specific or single-site while using Bulk PA checker gadget will give PA score of various sites in one go.

For checking the PA of different sites you simply need to open this tool and enter the areas in the given content-box. And then hit the submit button below the text box.You will get results in a few seconds on your screen. This tool can check five domains at a time. The score ranges in points from 1 to 100, with 100 being perfect.

Advantages of Bulk Page Authority Checker Tool

  • PA score of multiple URLs can be checked
  • Don't need any installation and registration
  • Gives you Accurate results
  • Saves time and effort
  • Bulk PA checker is free of cost and easy to utilize


This tool is efficient and helps to check the reputation of your own WebPages of your site with your competitors. To do this in a simpler and easier way we have launched the tool called Bulk Page Authority Checker which gives the Page Authority score of collective websites in a few seconds.

Consequently , checking your page authority utilizing any good Bulk page authority checker tool which helps you estimate how well your page can do in search engine rankings.