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Bulk Google Index Checker

What does Google Index Mean?

We all read books and we have at least pretty knowledge about page indexing. We all see books, in the starting of books index page, always mention and by index page we can easily fetch our pages which we want to read. Bulk Google Index Checker concept is almost the same. In this process, search engine optimization organizes information for quick response to any query. We can also say in an easy language it is a process of adding web pages in Google Search.

Manually it is impossible to check our website indexed or not, but can be checked easily via indexing tools. We have the best tool for checking the status of sites as well as we can also track our competitor websites through the Bulk Google Index Checker tool. It is a very simple tool, and gives accurate results within a few seconds. One can check multiple URLs at a time.

Why we need Bulk Google Index Checker Tool

There are millions of websites in this world but the question arises in my mind: does every website is indexed? Most people worry that their articles/sites are not getting indexed after a lot of struggle.

If you are the owner of any website, webmaster or SEO professional, it is mandatory to check whether your site is indexed or not. If your site or domain is not indexed in google it will stop generating traffic on your site and leads to bad search engine results. Bulk Google Index Checker Tool helps to know your current domain status and to put efforts to increase traffic by tracking competitor websites.

Many people don't know how Google indexes websites? And the answer is very simple: it is based on your advanced algorithm, title, meta description, meta tags, internal links, quality of backlinks etc.

Steps to check Indexing on Google

To check to index we need to follow below steps:


  • Open Bulk Google Index Checker Tool here:https://www.bulkdachecker.com/bulk-google-index-checker
  • You can enter multiple domains at a time. Each domain must be on a separate line
  • Hit the submit button
  • Your result will be shown in the form of a table
  • You can download your result in CSV format
  • You can try a new URL


  • It saves a lot of time for us.
  • It is reliable and gives accurate results.
  • It can check multiple URLs within a single click.
  • It helps to analyze your site traffic.
  • It is an easy and free tool.

We can conclude that the basic purpose of this tool is to inform users about google’s indexing status on a submitted URL. It plays a very important role in SEO marketing and digital marketing. We can know our site status and can improve our web traffic or create more traffic by indexing in google.