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Bulk URL Shortener

We use the Bulk URL Shortener tool for shortening long web links into best possible manageable sizes. It gives us 31 services at a time for managing web links in a single click. It can provide many services like it can save links into plain text. It is an important SEO tool and this is the first concept all over the world. It plays an important role from an SEO point of view for digital marketing users.

Why use this tool?

A short URL is simpler to share and easy to remember than a lengthy one against the lengthy URLs containing similar numbers in them. The process of shortening the URL is just to mask the original web address or your stie. It is also handy to give a shortened link for your advertisement purposes.

Instructions to use

  • Open Bulk Shortener URL tool
  • Enter Bulk URLs with the HTTP or HTTPS as per given box
  • Submit multiple URLs
  • After processing, your result will be shown within seconds in the table format
  • You can download your result and try new URLs


  • This is a free tool and you need not to pay any charges
  • It is easy to use and reliable
  • It shortens multiple URLs within a few seconds
  • You can download your output which is shown in the table format

Now to conclude, we know that some social media platforms do not allow long URLs like Twitter and have character limits. For this, the solution is to use the Bulk URL Shortener tool for shortening the web addresses in an effective way.