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Bulk GEO IP Locator


Bulk GEO IP Locator also stands for IP Lookup tool or Batch IP Checker Tool. It is a tool to help find the graphical address of multiple IP addresses at a time in just a single click. If you want to find city, country, postal code, hostname etc of any IP addresses in just a single click you must use Bulk GEO IP Locator tool. This is the best and effective tool that gives accurate results within a few seconds.

Why do we use Bulk GEO IP Locator?

Bulk IP Address checker is a location locator tool. We all know about IP addresses, it is a unique address which is assigned by ISP that means international service provider. With the help of this tool you can get the location of multiple IP addresses and their geographic details in single click. ISP never assigns the same IP address for multiple devices.

Now the question arises, what is the reason to use this tool? So let’s discuss more about Bulk GEO IP Locator. It is basically developed for e-commerce companies because companies need complete location information as well as specific location information for better customer service.

Steps to use Bulk GEO IP Locator

Here we have to follow some easy instructions to get the location of IP addresses:

  • Open Bulk GEO IP Locator tool.
  • Enter multiple IP addresses in the given box area. Each address separated by comma or next line.
  • Press the submit button.
  • Your result will display “city, region, country, country code, ISP, latitude and longitude.
  • You can download the output in csv format and try the new IP address.


  • There is no need for any registration.
  • This is a captcha free tool, so you can save your time.
  • IT helps to catch hackers and spammers on your site
  • This tool gives us accurate information regarding multiple IP addresses with a single click.
  • This is a free tool and easy to use.

Geo IP Tool is necessary for you to know the geographical area of prospective web guests. To find this information we use different kinds of tools which are easily available on the internet. It is impossible to find all information about any site manually so we use Bulk GEO IP Locator. This bulk IP checker tool has the capability to show you the location for web guests with their longitude and latitude for the purpose of your web security.