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Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Millions of websites are being made everyday and almost every name you have in your mind is taken by someone else. So finding the right domain name can really be a tough task. The perfect domain name will excite the web user to clock in your page link. Don't waste several hours in just searching for domain names.

What is domain?

A user-friendly system or a tool which helps people surf easily between web servers and web pages. Rather than any complications like typing an IP of some website. So, names are assigned to web pages which eases the users and are effortless to remember. These names assigned are called domains.

Buying a domain name

Buying a name for your blog and website is very easy. Just type the domain you want or use the keywords you are interested in and click search. It will show many results, just pick the one you like and buy it.


  • This tool helps in letting you check domain names which includes all common domain extensions.Just enter your desired name and click search.
  • Helps save time, effort by providing multiple results in a single search.
  • It is an easy and free tool.
  • It is reliable and gives accurate results.
  • It can check multiple URLs within a single click.
  • It helps to analyze your site traffic.


Basic purpose of this tool is to provide users hassle free search and inform users about whether the domain is available or not. Your domain search results will not be recorded.